Joint Committee

Barefoot consists of three primary Associations: the Barefoot Resort Joint Committee (JC), the Barefoot Resort Residential Association (BRRA), and the Barefoot Resort Non-Residential Association (NRA). The JC is the overseeing organization for the areas and assets that are common to both the BRRA and the NRA. The JC is responsible for the landscape overlay, irrigation, and streetlights on all the spine roads within Barefoot. The JC is also responsible for the North Tower Pool (which is 1/3 owned by the NRA and 2/3 owned by the BRRA).

Association Board Members
Michael Atwood (Representing BRRA)
Anne Castro (Representing BRRA)
Tom Staats (Representing NRA)
Jay Springs (Representing NRA)
Rick Couture (Representing NRA)