Joint Committee

Joint Committee

The Bylaws of the Barefoot Resort Joint Committee Association were adopted on April 12, 2000, on the same day as the CCRs for the Barefoot Resort Residential Association were recorded. The CCRs for the Barefoot Resort Nonresidential properties were recorded a year later on July 25, 2001.

Powers: The chief responsibility of the Joint Committee is the responsibility for the maintenance of the Areas of Common Responsibility throughout Barefoot.

The Joint Committee is the overseeing organization for the BRRA and the NRA. In other words the JC has oversight over all of Barefoot Resort (excluding Tuscan Sands) for single family and multi-family residents.

The JC is responsible for the landscape overlay, irrigation, and streetlights on all the spine roads within Barefoot (Club Course Drive, Marsh Glen Drive, Barefoot Resort Bridge Road, Windy Hill Road, Catalina Drive, Oyster Catcher Drive, Par Avenue and Links Drive). The Joint Committee is also responsible for the North Tower Pool, an amenity shared by both the Residential (BRRA) and Nonresidential (NRA) Associations.

All Barefoot owners contribute to paying these maintenance costs in their monthly HOA fees. One-third of the Joint Committee Common Expenses are allocated to members of the Nonresidential Association and two-thirds of the Common Expenses are allocated to members of the Residential Association.

The Joint Committee is made up of five members who are appointed by the BRRA Board (2 members) and the NRA (3 members).

The four golf courses are owned and operated totally independently of all Barefoot Associations. Putters Pub and the Golfsmith store are part of the courses. The golf courses do, however, have voting power and pay dues to the BRRA.

Summary of Duties, as outlined in the Joint Committee Bylaws:

  • Preparing and adopting annual budgets for the Common Expenses, and establishing each unit’s share of such common expenses;
  • Levying assessments on each unit for its share of the common expenses, as well as collecting assessments, providing for the operation, care, upkeep and maintenance of the areas of Common Responsibility.
  • Mediating and arbitrating disputes between the members and between two or more Owners who are not members of the same Association.


Magdalena Szabo (Representing BRRA)
Dara Baltuskonis (Representing BRRA)
Tom Staats (Representing NRA)
Jay Springs (Representing NRA)
Rick Couture (Representing NRA)

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